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Hash (Hashish) is made from Cannabis and it’s a resin. It’s typically consumed by smoking little pieces either in a pipe, vaporizer, bong or joint. If Hash is rolled alone in a joint or blunt, it won’t burn not unless it’s been mixed with some cannabis herbs, tobacco or other types of herbs.

When Hashish is smoked, the THC can hit you within minutes sometimes under a minute. The high can last for a 3 – 4 hours period and due to it’s lipophilic nature, it’s spread all over the body. It’s known for it’s strong effects making the user euphoric, a little drowsy, relieve of anxiety, works perfectly on Insomnia, make the body relax and happy. There would be a intense sensation and clarity of perception would drastically increase. Generally for medical use, Hashish would do the trick.

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Hashish is made and discovered as some legends would have it during harvest season. After some farmers finished picking buds from the crops they farmed on, they were left with sticky resin residue on their palm of their hands, which they scrapped off with an object to clean it off. After these scrapings, hash was discovered and the process for collecting these hash-covered-handstrichomes has become more advanced.

These rubbing technique is a very simple process and one that’s used by those today by those who just need to have a good amount of marijuana to play around with. However, because of the amount of time involved to yield a larger Quantity of Hash, this is not a technique that works for commercial purposes.

What works effectively is a more modern way of extract by using screens to remove the trichomes from the plant. Using a similar concept as rubbing fingers and hands together. Just a single screen holds the plant material while another is gently and carefully placed over top of it and slowly rubbed back and forth, which forces the keifs off of the plant. Sometimes multiple screens are used, with the mesh becoming smoother and finer the more the plant material is rubbed. Underneath these screens, mirrors or other flat, non-porous materials are placed to catch the trichomes.

Once the trichomes are separated from the plant, they are then be pressed into a brick form. When hashish is made using the screen process technique, it’s generally a bit darker in color as a small amount of plant material will inevitably gets it’s way into the hash.

Some hash producers use screens that are inside drum machines, a machine that will automatically shake the plant matter inside small bags that are entirely mesh. Just like in the manual screen method, the mesh screens get subsequently smaller so that only the purest hash is left at the end of the process. This will be left as a residue around the inside of the bags, and like nearly all methods of hash production, it can then be scraped off.

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Hash is known to have high amounts of THC, usually ranges from from 70% – 90%. There are several effects which users can expect to feel which is exactly as they feel after consuming marijuana, but it’s much more pronounced and stronger. Most users smoke or consume hash in order to feel relaxed, forget about their stress, and to put them in a better mood. However, there are other side effects that can come with hash including:

– Perception of time and color
– Relaxed, happy feeling becomes elevated to the point of euphoria
– Uncontrollable laughter
– Increased hunger (munchies to the extreme)
– Increased paranoia
– Dryness in mouth and throat

After consuming Hash the effects are taken to new heights and highs, as it can last as long as four hours.

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