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Hybrid Weed strains provides a mixed effects of sativa and indica cannabis strains. The effects of the hybrid are determined by the parent plants genetics in a simple process called cross-breeding. The “high” of the hybrid strain includes uplifting, relaxed, happy, energetic, hungry and sleepy. The effects and medical purposes all depends on the genetics of the plants which were used during breeding.

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Hybrid is as a results of crossbreeding a Sativa with an Indica. Today, some hybrids are crossbred with other hybrids strains. This results to extremely strong strains and marijuana species with some having THC levels as high as 52%.

For a Hybrid to be able to grow, one must make sure a room is available where both plants can freely pollinate with an adequately ventilated system which facilitates and helps the transfer of pollen dust from the male into the pistils of the female plant. After the pollination, the female plant will then be focused on producing seeds rather than producing its normal bud. The F1 and F2 theory of plant botany would make it easier for this concept to be understood.

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Hybrid Marijuana strains are good for all-around use. You can use hybrids to help with medical conditions in the morning, afternoon, or night depending on the plant’s genetics.

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