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Cannabis Concentrates are expanding and becoming more in demand due to their effects, potency and medical uses. Concentrates are derived from Cannabis and they are actually extracts which contains some psychotic substances called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. These substance are are highly concentrated in marijuana extracts therefore making them of high demand by stoners or weed users.

Concentrates are known to have high levels of THC which can range anywhere from 70%-90%, which therefore is by far higher than the regular bud you roll up in a joint.

New to concentrates? it’s very important to note that concentrates are extremely potent. Begin with just a small fraction of a concentrate and see how high you feel. Don’t rush in to taking lots concentrates you might get too high and freak out. It’s advisable to Dab slowly! We sell concentrates and we range it in percentages according to the strain of which they are made of and their potency. It’s best to start with concentrates with THC levels from 70% and climb on to high percentages like 90%.

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